We are street photographers, an international community on the rise

Telling stories candidly, prepared yet surprised

We work our scenes like visual detectives

Making remarkable images from various perspectives

We explore streets, markets, train stations, parks, and much more worldwide

Documenting the human condition in public, laws on our side

We make color and black and white images discreetly, subjects undisturbed

Handling questions and confrontations, calmly and unperturbed

We notice human interactions and decisive moments unfolding in plain sight

Fleeting emotions, glances, and gestures in daytime and at night

We observe humanity and its surrounding spaces

Transcending culture, language, gender, creed, and races

We recognize potential in scenes with symmetry, minimalism, and repetition

Pre-visualizing humor through juxtaposition

We use lines, scale, geometry, and contrast to lead our viewers’ eyes

Aligning foreground elements with subjects to obscure and to disguise

We create harmony between subjects and the scene through color matching

And look for cliches like men in fedoras because they are eye catching

We photograph colorful umbrellas in zebra crossings from a looking down view

And illuminated signs reflected on car windows, passengers peeking through

We deepen shadows by exposing for highlights in bright, sunny places

And create moody narratives full of shadows and dark negative spaces

We precisely capture bicyclists and skateboarders entering diagonal slices of light

And use depth of field and architecture to subframe silhouettes just right

We seek human forms and colorful bokeh through window condensation

Making portraits of preoccupied strangers riding public transportation

Animals like dogs, cats, and birds make good subjects for us too

Especially when eye contact is made or unexpected flight ensues

We brave inclement weather to enhance the atmosphere

Using the conditions for abstraction and so subjects can partially disappear

When it rains, we look for wet cobblestone streets and puddles of reflected light

Telling reflection stories presented upside down or upright

We make thousands of unique, inspiring images every day

And share generous feedback, support, and helpful tips to each other globally

We are street photographers, an international community on the rise.

We bring meaning and value to the world in 2019 through our creative eyes.

Best Wishes,


Jeff Karp3 Comments