Jeff explores and photographs intriguing public spaces filled with intense light and dark shadows.  His photography captures candid moments in everyday city life where light has transformed a mundane scene into a remarkable stage for documenting stories of the human condition. In his work, Jeff experiences the exhilaration of seeing the light, recognizing an orderly composition, doing the necessary technical adjustments with his camera or iPhone, and patiently waiting for interesting human subjects and silhouettes to complete his scenes.  Jeff routinely includes black negative space, sense of scale, geometric elements, and leading lines in his photographs to guide viewers through the frame. 


Jeff is a husband, father, pediatric dentist, and university professor who became passionate about photography in the spring of 2017.  He is an active member of the international Instagram street photography community via his @jeffreymkarp account.  Jeff's images have been showcased more than 400 times by numerous Instagram feature accounts globally. 


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